Presentation remotes and communication options (including Teleconference and Video-conference) are available for use. Please book in advance with the Technology Help office ( Items hired should be collected and returned to Technology help before and after meeting completion.

Equipment in our contemporary rooms includes:

  • Short throw data projectors
  • Electronic whiteboards
  • PC
  • DVD Players
  • Capability to plug in your own laptop (including MACs)

Other equipment available for hire:

  • Document Camera
  • Portable Speaker
  • Lapel & handheld microphones
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Teleconference phone
  • Video-conferencing equipment
  • Lecterns
  • Remote presentation mouse

Our staff are available to assist you with all your AV requirements.

In all teaching spaces, access to the CMH network is through the terminal server. However, you cannot access the CMH network on any computers in the shared space.

The technologies that we have in Ko Awatea can be used to fit a variety of applications and situations. If you have any queries or ideas about your event please contact Technology Help for assistance on ext. 59682 (CMDHB) or


You can use the printer available to the public on Level 1. You will need to purchase a printer card from Wishbone café. Printer cards cost $20. These cards can be reloaded at Wishbone Café.

Printing Costs:

  • Page cost Full colour $0.25
    Page cost Gray scale $0.07
    No discount for double sided (duplex) printing.

Basic Instructions for the training rooms: (not lecture theatre)

To use:

  1. Turn on the projector using the control panel on the credenza ‘power on’ (You will need to wait until the red light stops flashing as this is the projector warming up).
  2. If using the computer in the credenza place your thumb drive in the USB connector behind the screen then ensure PC is selected. (Remember to turn on the PC monitor).
  3. The username is the name that appears when you first see the login screen (if this not displayed then hit the Esc key and this will appear). The daily password is the same as the wireless password posted on the digital signage.
  4. If you are connecting a laptop, ensure the appropriate source is selected (Laptop VGA, Laptop HDMI). Also if you are playing sound through your laptop, connect the sound cable provided into the headphone connection on your laptop.
  5. If you wish to use the DVD player then ensure DVD is selected and you can then use the play, pause, stop and forward/back functions on the control panel.
  6. The volume dial controls the volume from any selected sound source.
  7. At the conclusion of session press ‘power off’ and ensure the room configuration is reset.

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