The Middlemore Consumer Engagement Questionnaire (MCE-Q) is an instrument to measure consumer engagement at governance level. This can include but is not limited to Boards, Steering Groups, Committees and Project Teams. The questionnaire was developed for use within healthcare system organisations. It can be downloaded by registering below. MCE-Q can help to better understand consumers’ experiences of contributing their expertise at governance level.

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The MCE-Q comprises of plain English instruction and 25 items representing one domain. It can be completed in approximately 10 minutes. The MCE-Q showed face, construct and concurrent validity, and excellent internal consistency and test-retest reliability. It is available for download in English.

The collection of demographic information is encouraged and can be added as required by teams who use the MCE-Q. You can download our demographic questionnaire below, and use it as is or adapt it (to download, please complete the registration above).

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